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  • Few days ago, in social network as well as some travel websites have posted some beautiful pictures of Thac Bac lake in Sapa which attracts many young couple.

  • We feel honoured by your visit and hope that it will be an opportunity for you to better understand our way of life, habits and culture.
    Hopefully, if the language barrier and lack of time are not too much of an obstacle, we will be happy to answer your questions, welcome you to our modest homes and exchange cultural information with you. You wish to get to know us, but we too have a lot to learn about your way of life and habits, that sometimes seems just as strange to us as some of ours to you.

  •  Everywhere in Sa Pa winter  has the fog hang around and denser makes the Sa Pa town landscape are being ethereal, mysterious. There are some houses appear and disappear alternately in the fog, the ancient palace adjacent the West architecture modern villas, or the tottery houses on the mountain slope in the Sa Pa town. When  come to Sa Pa in the winter if you're luky person you will have chance to see the snow is falling down, covering the snow puppet by your self, just in the European countries.

  • Hoang A Tuong palace is situated majestically on the White highland, with the architecture combination of European and Asia. It's a unique style of architecture. Particularly, a good place has used to reappear the process of making the Corn wine Hong My. It has attracted tourists in many countries in the world come and tasting this kind of Corn wine.

  • I'ts not the delicacy food but the Mèn Mén make many people difficult to forget when try one time.

  • If you come to Bac Ha and you don't eat Pho Chua it's mean you didn't come to this white highlands. The Pho Chua is a popular food, simple but tasty, pregnant with the local people's cultures of the Bac Ha - Lao Cai high lands. Everyone come to Bac Ha are also trying to enjoy the Pho Chua and bought it as a gift for their family.

  •       The Bac Ha horse is not just prominent in the traditional horse races, now they are the tourist travel mate too. The tourist can spend about 2 or 3 hours experiencing an interesting trip visiting the villages by horse and carriage. The horses are tame and friendly, some of them were even winners in the Bac Ha traditional horse races. 

  • Enjoying crispy fried spring fish or tasting local mustard is unforgettable impression of Sapa cusine.

  • A real life trip to the Ban Ho community, the village of the Tay ethnic group in Sa Pa. We had the opportunity to explore the customs and traditions of the local people. One of the most impressive things for us is the five-colored sticky rice. The colors are as beautiful as a rainbow.

  • Relic zone rice terraces in Sapa with a total area of 1,000 ha (3 Ta Van, Lao Chai, Most Thao) located adjacent to each other, spanning both sides of the beautiful Muong Hoa stream. This is the result of a combination of skillful hands, scientific thought with experienced of three ethnic groups Dao, H'mong, Giay. Relic zone rice terraces extending from Muong Hoa stream up to middle of the mountain. Its look like a giant ladder up to sky.

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