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  • Thousands of villagers and tourists gather in Sa Pả commune, Sapa district to take part in Gaux Taos festival which is opened in the early morning of the 13 February (the 6thlunar calendar).

  • The dates of the traditional cultural festivals are based on the lunar calendar, which varies from one year to the next, hence these approximate dates. Make enquiries.

  • Dancing festival (Giang Chao Dao ) means "long jump" to be held at the end of  the hour of Dragon to the first hour of Snake (8:00) on 1st or 2nd  January every lunar new year at their house chief of one of the three big families (Ly, Ban or Trieu). The purpose of this ceremony is invoking spirits and ancestors to bless for their family descendants a New Year of peace, good weather, good harvest and castles prevent from plagues.

  • For the Mong People, New year is celebrated with hot corn wine, traditional games and colorful highland markets.

  • Every year, when  come spring and Tet  holiday, if you go on excursion tour to highlands and Northern mountainous provinces, you will  be  glad to see blooming peach trees and plum and to discover the mysteries in the Mong minority's customs and habits, to welcome New Year that is usually  celebrated in early January in lunar calendar.

  • Held on 17th day of 7th Lunar Month, The Ba Ho Temple Festival is held to commemorate the Le Dynasty generals

  • Horse Racing Tonkin

    Usually in late May (over 2 days) in Bac Ha. Horse Racing Tonkin serves to preserve and promote the unique cultural identity of the ethnic people of Tonkin.

  • Held on 15th First Lunar month every year, Upper Temple Festival in is an important religious festival not only in Lao Cai but also for Vietnamese. 

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