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  • The city’s heritage reveals a fascinating insight and tribute to the freedom of spirit of the Vietnamese people. Walk back in time in Dien Bien Northern Highlands to the nation’s birthplace and see history come alive. 

  • Muong Phang

    About 40km from Dien Bien Phu City, this was the headquarters of General Vo Nguyen Giap during the Dien Bien Phu campaign.

  • Pa Thom Cave

    Located in the west of Dien Bien District and adjacent to the Laos border

  • Muong Thanh Rice Field is the largest rice field in the North West region

  • U Va Hot spring

    About 15km south west of Dien Bien City

  • Pa Khoang lake

    20km from Dien Bien City, a beautiful natural scenery with a strong historical undercurrent

  • Pha Din Pass

    At an altitude of more than 1000m and a length of 32km to join Dien Bien and Son La.

  • Ban Phu Citadel

    Located in Noong Het Village (Dien Bien District), about 9km West of Dien Bien Phu City

  • Located in Dien Bien Phu City, this was the headquarters of of the French Army in Vietnam in 1954

  • A1 Hill

    A historic place in Dien Bien where you must visit. A1 is the site where the Vietnamese successfully defeated the French in 1954

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