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  • Relic zone rice terraces in Sapa with a total area of 1,000 ha (3 Ta Van, Lao Chai, Most Thao) located adjacent to each other, spanning both sides of the beautiful Muong Hoa stream. This is the result of a combination of skillful hands, scientific thought with experienced of three ethnic groups Dao, H'mong, Giay. Relic zone rice terraces extending from Muong Hoa stream up to middle of the mountain. Its look like a giant ladder up to sky.

  • The People
    To be embraced by the warmth and charm of the northern highlands hill tribes is an unforgettable experience. Their rich tapestry, woven over centuries, will stay with you, long after you leave. Meeting the hill tribes, each one colourful, distinct, with their own language and culture, is a highlight of any trip to the Northern Highlands in Vietnam. Some have been in Vietnam for thousands of years while others have emigrated from China within the last 100 years. They are friendly and eager to converse with you and of course sell you something from their range of handicrafts. The most populous tribes of the North West include:


    The H’mong people including the Flower H’mong, White H’mong and Black H’mong came from China over 300 years ago. Living in earthen homes, the H’mong are most populous in Ha Giang. H’mong handicrafts make popular souvenirs, and include textiles, floor matting and furniture. Of all the H’mong groups, the Black H’mong are the most distinctive in their attire, noted by dark indigo clothing and cylindrical hats.


    The Dzao are one of the largest and most colourful ethnic groups living throughout the north western provinces. The Red Dzao people are most likely to be found in the region around Sapa. Their women are distinctively dressed with colourful red headdresses and are adorned in silver.


    Contrary to what their name suggests, the Thai people originated from southern China, settling along the fertile riverbeds of the North West. The Thai people are further categorised into Red, Black and White Thai, with Black Thai distinguished from the White Thai by their bright blouses and headwear.


    Tay people have their own written language and a strong literary tradition. They normally live in the more fertile lower areas of the region and usually wear clothes died indigo.


    Muong people are mainly found in Hoa Binh province and living in stilt houses in small villages. They are known for their music, songs, poetry and story-telling.



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