Hung Kings Temple Festival


On 10th day of 3rd Lunar month every year, The Hung Kings Temple Festival is one of the largest festivals in the country 


The Hung Kings Temple Festival is one of the largest festivals in the country attracting between 4-6 million visitors each year. The lunar tenth of March is the Hung King Grandfather’s death anniversary was recognized as the National anniversary. Hung King’s death anniversary is held with many solemn and formal rituals at Thuong Temple. The thurification ceremony is organized at national level in even years and at provincial level in odd ones.


The people in the neigbourhoods like Hung Lo, Chu Hoa and Son Vi commune, etc hold the ceremony of palanquin procession to Hung King’s Temple.


The festival has traditional games like: unicorn and lion dancing, having a tug of war, performing of four classes: scholars, farmers, workers and merchants; cultural-art activities like folk song singing, Xoan and Gheo singing; contents of rice cooking, chung cake wrapping and giay cake grinding; sports games like volleyball and wrestling... During the festival, the area close to Hung King’s Temple also hold many cultural activities to increase the exciting atmosphere for Hung King’s Temple Festivals.

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